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The TransGlobal team can be found working around the clock to ensure uninterrupted supply chains for our customers, every time.

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Land freight services are steady and flexible, safe and practical. Most of the products that are transported include FMCG, Refrigerated Food and perishable products, Pharmaceutical and medical products, Hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids, chemicals, dangerous goods, heavy equipment and machinery, construction materials such as sand, rocks, asphalt and steel.

Most of the LTL system works follow this process. The shipment is collected first from point A. Point A is shipper’s loading site. The shipment is then delivered to the service provider or third party warehouse. The shipment is then sorted and put together with other loads whose destination is the same. The same process goes on till the shipment is reached the recipient location.

TransGlobal Shipping & Services have been a pioneer in providing Logistics solutions which include Land freight forwarding services at a cost-effective price.
Along with providing dedicated and professional land freight fowarding in cross over the countries, TransGlobal Shipping & Services also offers a wide variety of services related to logistics and supply chain management consultations.

Grow your business and connect to other markets around the globe with TransGlobal Shipping & Services.

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Our Sales Consultant will be available to advise and guide you throughout the move process. Our coordinators are focused on ensuring that every move runs smoothly, from departure to arrival.

They analyse the needs of the client from the very first contact. In particular, during the technical visit their expertise is used to assess the weight and volume of the consignment, as well as consider other factors which may affect the move, such as loading restrictions, access to the property, or tight corners.

They ensure that best practice is applied throughout the move process to achieve complete customer satisfaction.